Author Bio

John Jusu served as Dean of the School of Education, Arts, and Social Sciences at Africa International University in Nairobi, Kenya where he also teaches in the Educational Studies Department. John works extensively on transformational curriculum issues in response to the contexts in which formal and non-formal education happens in Africa. John serves as a curriculum consultant for the More than a Mile Deep–Global, Supervising Editor for the Africa Study Bible, Senior Researcher for the Africa Leadership Study, and Fellow of the Global Associates for Transformational Education. John is also involved in faculty development for many educational initiatives in Africa. ScholarLeaders supported John during his PhD in Educational Studies from Trinity International University in Deerfield, Illinois. John is married to Tity. They have three and many more children.

The Marginalized Trio: A Christian Response

The widow, the fatherless, and the alien – the marginalized trio – are often forgotten by both society and the Church Their care is not explicit in the Ten Commandments and, due to the social isolation of this group, we often do not remember them on the list of “our neighbors” in the Great..... read more