Author Bio

Grace Al-Zoughbi grew up in the West Bank, where Christians face pressure from both the Israeli government and the Muslim majority. Few Palestinian Christians are able to pursue theological education; even fewer among this group are women. Familiar with the challenges facing women in theological education, Grace is exploring culturally wise educational systems that will support women theologians throughout the Middle East. She is working on her PhD at the London School of Theology with a SCHOLARLEADERS LeaderStudies scholarship. She is a pivotal leader in the MENA region who advocates powerfully for women in theological education. To read a more extended theological treatment of this topic, see her article in the InSights Journal (5.1), “Theological Perspectives on the Theological Education of Women in the Middle East and North Africa.”

Why Should Theological Education Include Women?

It is six o’clock on a Friday morning in Bethlehem The sky is breathtakingly clear The bright sun has risen, but the streets are still quiet I acknowledge afresh how blessed I am that I can see, across the skyline, the Church of the Nativity – the site traditionally considered to be Jesus’s..... read more