Love Calls for Solidarity

Love calls for Solidarity Loving one another includes especially caring for those who are persecuted and in prison for their faith and witness If one part of the body suffers, all parts suffer with it We are all, like John, “companions in the suffering and kingdom and patient endurance that..... read more

Hearing God’s Voice: From “Marginality” to “Liminality”

To be in transition is to be in an in-between place – neither here nor there Anthropologists and theologians call this ‘liminal’ space For many of us, this can be a difficult time because we feel unsettled, uncertain, and insecure Old rules no longer apply, but we may not be quite sure what..... read more

God’s Call to Return Home: David Kasali

After completing his PhD in New Testament at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in 1993, Dr David Kasali returned to the faculty at Nairobi Evangelical Graduate School of Theology, where he later served as President for eight years Following the devastating war in his native country, the..... read more

Hope for the Church in Egypt

Walking recently in Tahrir Square, I realized how much Egypt has changed No one would have predicted that in only eighteen days the formidable Mubarak regime would collapse and a completely new political situation would come into being In the midst of this, the Egyptian Church has a new challenge,..... read more

Must the Land Divide? A Biblical Theology of the Land for Inclusivity and Reconciliation

The conflict between Palestinians and Israelis is about land: To whom does it rightfully belong For Palestinian Christians, who have lived and survived in the holy land and called it home for centuries, this is not only an academic question but a personal issue with immediate implications Muslims..... read more

A Prophetic Voice for the Pakistani Church: Gloria Calib

Gloria training missionaries in Lahore Be wise in the way you act toward outsiders; make the most of every opportunity – Col 4:5 Opportunity is not the word that comes to mind when Christians think of Pakistan After the Islamic Republic of Pakistan gained sovereignty in the 1947..... read more

Ministry in Hong Kong: Julie Lee Wu

Dr Julie Lee Wu earned her PhD in New Testament at Fuller Theological Seminary in 1992 In 2002, she began her tenure as the President and Dean of China Bible Seminary in Hong Kong Julie’s passion is equipping church leaders for effective ministry in Hong Kong and throughout..... read more

Does Christianity Have a Public Face?

I grew up in a church that did not teach the public implications of my faith That is, we did not consider the implications of following Jesus for personal or societal ethics and practice Instead, our concentration was on the importance of faith for salvation This is true of most churches in my..... read more

Pastors, Prophets, and Prosperity

After a year of unemployment, accumulated unmet needs and multiple wants, Julia (not her real name) decided to go to the pastor for spiritual assistance Her situation was too burdensome and painful to face alone Surely, she thought, the pastor’s prayers will get the Lord’s attention The..... read more

A Typewriter and a Desk: Antonio Barro

In 1995, Dr Antonio Barro founded South American Theological Seminary (SATS) in Londrina, Brazil He began with a typewriter and a desk in his home, and a vision for a school that would bring the truth and hope of the Gospel to bear on issues facing the Church in Latin America In..... read more

Working Theology

Although work occupies much of our lives, few of us have thought about it theologically – and theological reflection on work is even more limited in the Eastern Orthodox tradition of my country, Ethiopia This is important because a proper theology of work – in Ethiopia and in the West – is..... read more

Wow! I’m Kind of Dizzy

Two years ago my son asked to go for a spinning ride at an amusement park He was excited about the experience, but as soon as that little car started to spin faster and faster I heard him shouting to the operator: ‘Stop!’ His little face was full of despair Sometimes I feel like asking God..... read more

Looking Back on Leadership

When you finish your studies, in seminary or Bible college, you will be full of ideas, information and excitement You will want to return home, and implement what you have learned, imparting knowledge and being a blessing to your own people Unfortunately when you do come back, a harsh reality is..... read more

Crisis Counseling in Africa: Gladys Mwiti

Dr Gladys Mwiti earned her MA in Counseling Psychology from the United States International University in Nairobi, and her MA in Christian Leadership and PhD in Clinical Psychology from Fuller Theological Seminary She is the author of four books and a video-based training curriculum for counselors..... read more

Virtuous Leadership: Overcoming Toxicity

As they offer spiritual leadership, Christian leaders are to follow standards and behaviors that reflect biblical values Despite this long-held understanding, there are mounting concerns over the “hiddenness” of toxic behaviors and practices in churches and among Christian leaders Kenneth..... read more