You Are Human When You Serve Others: Emiola Nihinlola

Dr Emiola Nihinlola gives his inaugural lecture at NBTS Decisive Leadership In 2016, Emiola Nihinlola gathered the staff of Nigerian Baptist Theological Seminary (NBTS) in Ogbomosho, Nigeria They had just finished months of planning alongside the ScholarLeaders Vital..... read more

From the Margins, For the Margins: Athena Gorospe

Athena accepts her ScholarLeader of the Year award Fifteen years ago, Athena Gorospe gave a devotional in which she called her audience – wealthy American Christians – to be downwardly mobile That morning in Pasadena, she argued that we should recover “Jesus’s concern for..... read more

The Silence of God: Beyond Triumphalism

Last month, Martin Scorsese’s long-awaited Silence opened in theaters, invoking difficult questions among Christians regarding what it means to have faith It spurs me to reflect on how Japanese Christians have perceived suffering, and how we as believers are called to respond to this..... read more

Focus on What is Working: Moving from Despair to Hope

But then I recall all you have done, O LORD; I remember your wonderful deeds of long ago Psalm 77:11 (NLT) When I returned to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia two years ago, I could barely recognize my hometown Between my doctoral studies and work in Nairobi, Kenya, I had been away for almost ten years..... read more

Raymond Ayayee in Ghana

Dear Friends, Thank you for praying with us this week for Raymond Ayayee in Ghana Located along the Gulf of Guinea in West Africa, Ghana has abundant natural resources, including rich reserves of minerals, precious stones, and oil Lake Volta, the largest manmade lake in Africa, runs..... read more

Philipo Mafuja Magwano in Tanzania

Dear Friends, Let us join in prayer this week for Philipo Mafuja Magwano in Tanzania A highly diverse East African nation, Tanzania is home to approximately 56 million people (61% Christian and 35% Muslim), who represent 125 ethnic groups and speak over 100 different languages It is..... read more

Anwar Berhe in Ethiopia

Dear Friends, This week, let us intercede for Dr Anwar Berhe in Ethiopia The ancient East African nation of Ethiopia is the second most populous African country, with approximately 105 million people Christians (62%) and Muslims (34%) have coexisted peacefully in Ethiopia for over a..... read more

Judy in Kenya

Thank you for joining us in prayer for Dr Judy in Kenya To protect her identity, we have omitted her photo and last name  Of Kenya’s 49 million people, 83% identify as Christians and 11% as Muslims (mostly Sunni), making Islam the second largest religion in the country A 2015 study..... read more

Susan Murithi from Kenya

Dear Friends, This week, please pray with us for Dr Susan Murithi from Kenya An equatorial country know for its savannahs, wildlife, and prehistoric sites in the Great Rift Valley, the Republic of Kenya is home to 49 million people (83% Christian and 11% Muslim) from an estimated 47..... read more

David Tarus in Kenya

Dear Friends, Thank you for interceding with us for Dr David Tarus in Kenya Located on the east coast of Africa, the Republic of Kenya has a population of over 49 million Although 83% of Kenyans are Christians (48% Protestant and 24% Catholic), prevailing syncretism and growing..... read more

Naomi James in Kenya

Dear Friends, Over the next several weeks, we will share prayer updates from leaders in Anglophone Africa Geographically, culturally, and religiously diverse, the 22 African countries that list English as an official language span the continent, from Kenya and Tanzania in the east to Sierra..... read more