José Thontwa Defends Dissertation

Congratulations to José Thontwa (LeaderStudies)! Last week, he successfully defended his dissertation in systemic theology at Bangui Evangelical School of Theology (VSI) He will return to the Democratic Republic of Congo to help the next generation of Congolese Christians understand their faith..... read more

Celebrating 2021’s New LeaderStudies Scholars

We welcome 9 new LeaderStudies scholars to our program this fall You can see their faces and read about their research here..... read more

Spring 2021 Issue of the InSights Journal for Global Theological Education

Our sister publication, the InSights Journal, has just published its spring 2021 issue In it, you’ll find articles proposing new models for theological education in China, analyzing needs in African leadership, exploring trends in theological education worldwide, and suggesting patterns for wise..... read more

Conversion to Islam

Why did non-Muslims convert to Islam during the Middle Ages How did Muslims at the time receive converts Our July book, Conversion to Islam by Ayman Ibrahim (LeaderStudies), answers some of these..... read more

2021-2023 Lamin Sanneh Research Grants Opportunity

The Overseas Ministries Study Center at Princeton Theological Seminary (OMSC@PTS), invites proposals for two two-year “Lamin Sanneh Research Grants” for the 2021–2023 academic period These grants honor the late Yale Professor who pioneered the field of World Christianity and served as an..... read more

Jung-Sook Lee: Distinguished Alumna

We congratulate Jung-Sook Lee, retired President of Torch Trinity Graduate University in Korea, on winning the 2020 Distinguished Alumna award from Princeton Theological Seminary Jung-Sook is a member of the Women's PeerLeader..... read more

Tekle Belachew Publishes Article

Tekle Belachew (LeaderStudies) recently published an article, "Ethiopian Qene (Traditional and Living Oral Poetry) as a Medium for Biblical Hermeneutics," which analyzes how Ethiopian oral poetry can be useful for studying the..... read more

“Transformation before Proclamation”

For a challenging perspective on the overall situation in Palestine, read a recent blog post by Tony Deik (LeaderStudies) for INFEMIT From his research on Acts, Tony calls Christians to recognize and reject their prejudices before they can serve as..... read more

CT Quotes Prabhu Singh

Prabhu Singh, president of SAIACS (VSI), was quoted in a recent Christianity Today article about India's COVID crisis He makes the point that COVID-19 is decimating India’s Christian leadership, causing the loss of almost a whole generation of leaders Pray for..... read more

CT Interview with Martin Accad

Christianity Today recently interviewed Martin Accad about The Religious Other, his recent anthology Martin is faculty at ABTS (VSI) and advocates for “a tone of love within a spirit of Jesus-centered..... read more

The Religious Other

Our June book is The Religious Other, edited by Martin Accad at ABTS (VSI), with a contribution by Havilah Dharamraj (Women's PeerLeader Forum), published by Langham This book helps readers gain a rich understanding of Islam through academic essays, poetry, and testimonies from a variety of..... read more

Stavan John Publishes Article

Why is it important to recognize that Jesus is still human, right now, in heaven Read a recent article by Stavan John (LeaderStudies) in Modern Reformation, where he reflects on Christ’s ascended humanity and how this theology is especially important for Indian..... read more

African Public Theology

How can Christians help to overcome problems in their societies Especially in Africa, what does Christianity have to say to politics, economics, work, poverty, education, and the environment This month, explore African Public Theology, edited by Sunday Agang (LeaderStudies), which answers some of..... read more

Redeeming Suffering: A Profile of Elizabeth Sendek

Elizabeth Sendek, ScholarLeader of the Year “God defeats Satan, evil, and sin through suffering Is that not the case in Jesus's acceptance of the most shaming and cruel death of his day He triumphed over the ultimate enemy precisely by surrendering to it,” Elizabeth Sendek writes in..... read more

Read an Article by Linzay Rinquest on Fundraising

We invite you to read an online article from the forthcoming Spring 2021 issue of the InSights Journal for Global Theological Education: Linzay Rinquest's "Principles and Practices for Fundraising by Majority World Seminaries" This article develops a philosophy of fundraising from Majority World..... read more