Ukrainian Relief Fund

A letter from Christopher M Hays, SL's new President To give, please go to our donation page and designate your gift to the Ukrainian Relief Fund A couple of days ago, our Vice President, Evan Hunter, and our VSI partner, Taras Dyatlik, traveled to Moldova to meet delegates from six..... read more

House of Wisdom: Episode 8

One of the most beautiful and most difficult Christian truths is the doctrine of the Trinity Early Arab theologians can help us understand this challenging truth better To learn and be inspired to praise God for His Triune nature, watch Episode 8 of the House of..... read more

House of Wisdom: Episode 7

Among the earliest Christian prayers is actually a prayer in Arabic To learn more about these early sisters and brothers and the language they spoke, watch Episode 7 of our House of Wisdom..... read more

House of Wisdom: Episode 6

Why is the nature of God so controversial between Christians and Muslims How can the thinking of medieval Arab Christians help us in these conversations Watch Episode 6 of the House of Wisdom to learn..... read more

House of Wisdom: Episode 5

How did the early Arab Church think about the Incarnation How can their theology help us praise God today for this amazing truth To find out, watch the fifth video in our House of Wisdom..... read more

Eric Sarwar Publishes Article

Congratulations to Eric Sarwar (LeaderStudies), who just published an article on the psalms and Christian identity in Islamic contexts As a Pakistani scholar and musician, Eric’s writing encourages believers to use music to connect with those around..... read more

Eva Wong Defends Dissertation

Congratulations to Eva Wong (LeaderStudies), who successfully defended her dissertation in January 2022! She is faculty at the Bible College of Malaysia Her research helps Malaysian Assemblies of God believers to glean wise lessons from their..... read more

Teaching across Cultures: A Global Christian Perspective

Our February book is Teaching Across Cultures, for which Cesar Lopes (LeaderStudies) from Brazil and Joanna Feliciano-Soberano (LeaderStudies) from the Philippines served as co-editors If you want to sharpen your abilities to reach out from your own culture to others, this book will serve as an..... read more

House of Wisdom: Episode 4

How can we read and understand the Bible How did early Christians interpret the Bible Why are Biblical commentaries important Our fourth video on early Arab Christian theology helps to answer these questions – and illustrates how Coptic Christians, through their literature, contributed to the..... read more

House of Wisdom: Episode 3

The third video in our series on medieval Arab Christian theology is about the relationship between two friends, a Muslim and a Christian – one a powerful Caliph, the other a prominent Christian Patriarch – and about how this relationship sheds light on the question, “What is the role of..... read more

House of Wisdom: Episode 2

The second video in our series on Arab Christian theology is available! It discusses how Arab Christians answered, “Is Christianity true” And it talks about early Arab tribes who were Christian before Islam, and about famous Arab Christian poets who interacted with early..... read more

House of Wisdom: Episode 1

This is the first in a 12-part series of videos about how Arab Christians in the Middle Ages developed the theology that unites us today, and especially about how they interacted with the Muslims around them These videos originally aired in Arabic on SAT-7 and are hosted by our very own Wageeh..... read more

The Evangelical Faith in the Arab Culture

Our January book is The Evangelical Faith in the Arab Culture (currently only available in Arabic) Several members of our fellowship led and contributed to this project, which guides Arab Christians to understand core aspects of our faith through eight lenses critical for their context: Christ,..... read more

InSights Journal Publishes Fall 2021 Issue

As the semester ends in the northern hemisphere, we invite you to read a new issue of our sister publication, the ISJ Among other topics, this issue discusses practical ways to amplify marginalized voices in theological education -- including women's voices and the voices of those who speak..... read more

Timothy Defends Dissertation

Congratulations to Timothy (LeaderStudies), who successfully defended his dissertation last month! His examination of the Gospel of John will help Christians in East Asia see how Christ perfectly combines heavenly wisdom and human ethical..... read more