Happy Thanksgiving from ScholarLeaders!

Dear Friends, We ought always to thank God for you, brothers and sisters, and rightly so, because your faith is growing more and more, and the love all of you have for one another is increasing Therefore, among God’s churches we boast about your perseverance and faith in all your persecutions..... read more

Salim Munayer in Jerusalem

Dear Friends, This week, please intercede with us for Dr Salim Munayer in Jerusalem  Regarded as a holy city by the Abrahamic faiths, Jerusalem is home to several sites of sacred significance, such as the Temple Mount, the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, and al-Aqsa Mosque Following the..... read more

Grace Al-Zoughbi from Palestine

Dear Friends, Thank you for praying with us this week for Grace Al-Zoughbi from Palestine Established in 1988, the State of Palestine is recognized by 138 member states of the United Nations Though its designated capital is Jerusalem, it currently operates out of Ramallah Most of..... read more

Yohanna Katanacho in Israel

Dear Friends, This week, please join us in prayer for Dr Yohanna Katanacho in Israel The Holy Land has long endured unrest, discord, and violence – even when Jesus walked the earth After the horrors of WWII, the State of Israel was formed in 1948 Subsequent conflicts between Jews and..... read more

Emad Botros in Lebanon

Dear Friends, This week, please intercede with us for Dr Emad Botros in Lebanon Originally from Egypt, Emad and his family moved to Lebanon in 2015 when Emad joined the faculty of Arab Baptist Theological Seminary Lebanon is home to nearly 7 million people, of whom 61% are..... read more

Elias Ghazal from Lebanon

Dear Friends, Thank you for praying with us for Elias Ghazal from Lebanon The Republic of Lebanon is bordered by Syria to the north and the east, Israel to the south, and the Mediterranean Sea to the west Once settled by the Ancient Canaanites and Phoenicians, the region later..... read more

Ara Badalian in Iraq

Dear Friends, Over the next several weeks, Christian leaders from the Middle East and North Africa will be sharing prayer letters with the ScholarLeaders Prayer Community Religion, especially Islam, uniquely characterizes the region Despite their ancient heritage and historical..... read more

Talant in Kazakhstan

Dear Friends, Thank you for joining us in prayer for Christian leaders from Central Asia, a region consisting of five former Soviet republics: Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan Islam is the dominant religion in Central Asia Nearly 86% of Central Asians are..... read more

Nikola Galevski in North Macedonia

Dear Friends, Please intercede with us this week for Nikola Galevski in North Macedonia  One of 11 Balkan states, North Macedonia gained independence in 1991 following the dissolution of Yugoslavia The republic comprises the northern third of the larger region known as Macedonia,..... read more

Alexander Belyaev in Russia

Dear Friends, This week, please pray with us for Alexander Belyaev in Russia  A political and economic giant that straddles two continents, Russia is the world’s largest country by land mass According to a 2017 Pew Research Center study, 73% of Russia’s 144 million people..... read more

Valentin Siniy in Ukraine

Dear Friends, This week, please intercede with us for Dr Valentin Siniy in Ukraine  Sitting north of the Black Sea, Ukraine is home to nearly 44 million people Known for its forested mountains and fertile plains, Ukraine is a leading exporter of grain worldwide After the Soviet..... read more

Denys Kondyuk in Ukraine

Dear Friends, Thank you for praying with us this week for Denys Kondyuk in Ukraine  Lying north of the Black Sea, Ukraine gained sovereignty in 1991 after the Soviet Union’s collapse Today, Ukraine’s population numbers nearly 44 million and is 82% Christian, mostly Eastern..... read more

Radostin Marchev in Bulgaria

Dear Friends, Over the next few weeks, Christian leaders from Eastern Europe will be sharing prayer requests with the ScholarLeaders Prayer Community Eastern Europe is most commonly identified with nations that were once part of the Soviet Union or the Soviet-led Eastern Bloc Despite..... read more

Shurhisieu Meyase in Nagaland

Dear Friends, As we conclude our South Asia prayer series, we invite you to intercede with us for Shurhisieu Meyase in Nagaland, India  Along with Meghalaya and Mizoram, Nagaland is one of three Indian states – all in the Northeast – with a Christian majority Around..... read more

David Muthukumar in India

Dear Friends, Thank for praying with us this week for Dr David Muthukumar in India India has a rich and ancient Christian heritage According to tradition, the Apostle Thomas planted the first Indian church in modern-day Kerala, along the subcontinent’s southwestern coast in 52 AD..... read more