Jhohan Centeno in Colombia

Dear Friends, This week, please pray with us for Jhohan Centeno in Colombia Located in the northwestern corner of South America, Colombia is home to over 50 million people (71% Catholic, 17% Protestant, and 5% irreligious) From the 1960s until the 2016 peace accord, Colombia..... read more

Pray for Christopher Hays, Our New President

Editor's Note: As one of his first acts as SL's new president, Christopher Hays established the Ukrainian Relief Fund to help client seminaries during the current crisis We continue to pray earnestly for our courageous sisters and brothers in Ukraine Dear Friends, It is my joy and..... read more

Pray for Ukraine

Dear Friends, Please join us as we pray earnestly for Ukraine A Message From Evan Hunter, Vice PresidentOn Sunday, Feb 20, a team from ScholarLeaders landed in Chisinau, Moldova, preparing for what was supposed to be 10 days of meetings with 6 schools from Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, and..... read more

Daniel Salinas in Colombia

Dear Friends, Thank you for interceding with us for Dr Daniel Salinas in Colombia Known for its tropical Amazon rainforests and majestic Andes mountains, Colombia is home to over 50 million people (71% Catholic, 17% Protestant, and 5% atheist or agnostic) In 2016, Colombia’s..... read more

Sofía Quintanilla in Costa Rica

Dear Friends, Over the next few weeks, Christian leaders from Latin America will be sharing their prayer requests with our Prayer Community Latin America comprises 20 countries and 14 territories, including Mexico, the Caribbean, and Central and South America As part of the Vital..... read more

Ivan Rusyn in Ukraine

Dear Friends, This week, Dr Ivan Rusyn shares a special prayer message from Ukraine Lying north of the Black Sea, Ukraine gained sovereignty in 1991 after the Soviet Union’s collapse Today, the country is home to 44 million people (82% Christian, mostly Orthodox) In 2013,..... read more

Ramsis Saleeb from Egypt

Dear Friends, Our final prayer message from Egypt comes from Ramsis Saleeb Please join us in prayer for him and his family Home to the Great Sphinx, Giza Pyramids, and Valley of the Kings, Egypt has one of the world’s oldest civilizations Located at the juncture of northeast..... read more

Rania Hendy from Egypt

Dear Friends, Thank you for praying with us for Rania Hendy from Egypt With nearly 103 million people, Egypt is the most populous Arab country and the third most populous nation in Africa, after Nigeria and Ethiopia Approximately 90% of Egyptians are Muslims (mostly Sunni) and..... read more

Tharwat Wahba in Egypt

Dear Friends, For the rest of January, we are returning to our Middle East and North Africa prayer series, featuring scholars from Egypt This week, please intercede with us for Dr Tharwat Wahba A cradle of civilization, Egypt traces its history to the sixth..... read more

Wubshet Teklewold Senbe in Ethiopia

Dear Friends, Melkam Gena! Two days ago, our Orthodox sisters and brothers from Ethiopia and throughout the world celebrated the birth of our Lord On January 6, many Christians also celebrated Epiphany, which commemorates the Magi’s visit to the Christ child and, thus, the revelation of..... read more

Lucas Nascimento in Brazil

Dear Friends, Happy New Year! In a season of transitions and beginnings, let us look to our God, whose mercy and love are from of old, whose faithfulness continues through all generations, and who is making all things new Against the temptation to rush ahead, Lucas Nascimento in Brazil invites..... read more

Shurhi Meyase from Nagaland

Dear Friends, Merry Christmas! With the family of God around the world, we stand in awe of the God who was born as a lowly child that we might be born again as children of the Most High This week, Shurhi Meyase from Nagaland exhorts us to let our light shine like the star of Bethlehem, pointing..... read more

Jhohan Centeno in Colombia

Dear Friends, This week, Jhohan Centeno in Colombia reminds us that the God who is with us in Christ Jesus has promised to be with us to the end of the age Located in the northwestern corner of South America, Colombia is home to over 50 million people Approximately 74% of..... read more

Pavani Paul from India

Dear Friends, This week, Pavani Paul from India contemplates the miracle of Christmas, when God came to dwell among us and with us We rejoice that, by the Holy Spirit, Jesus now also dwells in us  India has a rich and ancient Christian heritage According to tradition, the Apostle..... read more

David Hayfron in Ghana

Dear Friends, Amid the continued uncertainty of the ongoing pandemic, we join the worldwide Body of Christ in hopeful joy to celebrate Emmanuel, our God who is with us In this Advent season, Christian leaders from around the world will offer a Scripture meditation and share about Christmas..... read more