Dear Bonnie,

Thank you for praying with us for “A.” Originally from Hong Kong, “A” worked as a theological educator in Cambodia, where 97% of the nation’s 15.6 million people are Buddhist, 2% are Muslim, and 0.3% are Christian. 

In Cambodia, Theravada Buddhism has been the state religion since the 13th century, except during the Khmer Rouge (1975-79). Emblazoned on Cambodia’s national flag is Angkor Wat, the world’s largest temple complex, a prominent Buddhist place of pilgrimage, and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Although Cambodia has managed to keep COVID-19 cases low last year, the government has imposed lockdowns affecting 2 million people after recent outbreaks. Due to strict restrictions, many in the capital city of Phnom Penh are facing income and food insecurity.

Currently, “A” is pursuing a PhD at Fuller Theological Seminary and will be among the first in Cambodia to hold a doctorate in Old Testament. Her research focuses on the Covenant in Exodus 19-24. After graduation, “A” and her husband “K” will return to the mission field as church planters and professors at a newly formed Christian university in Cambodia. “A” is the current recipient of ScholarLeaders’ Pierson Scholarship

“A” shares the following message:

Cambodia has a strong need for trained pastors and church leaders. More educated younger generations have also called for higher levels of theological training. Therefore, my husband “K” and I decided to further our studies in the United States in hopes of joining our colleagues later and opening a theological school with graduate-level programs.
I am now finalizing my dissertation, which studies the rhetoric of Exodus 19-24 in comparison to ancient Near Eastern laws. I pay attention to the fact that Exodus 19-24 was written by imperialized people living under the shadow of empire. I hope my research will help Christians to understand more about how the ancient Israelites, as imperialized people and as the people of God, responded to empire through their writings.
Prayer Requests
1. Pray for the wisdom I need to finalize my dissertation. Pray also for my husband’s wisdom as he takes ThM classes remotely from Wycliffe College (Toronto, Canada). 
2. Pray that my husband can receive approval for his change of status in the US. He has applied for this since last June, after finishing his studies in the US.
3. Pray for Cambodia, as it is experiencing an outbreak of COVID-19, despite having contained the virus well since the worldwide outbreak. 
4. Pray for both the COVID-19 and political situations in Hong Kong. Pray for the society in general, as well as for the church in particular, as people begin to emigrate to other countries because of the political situation.